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Tell Your Story on Inclined

Inclined is a vehicle where ALL climbers—the pros, the alpinists, the rock climbers and the everyday boulderers—can share their climbing stories in an engaging way.  If climbing is your passion, you’re invited to write.

Before you write, check out our goals and guidelines to give direction to what you post.  When you’ve got something, check out email information below.

Basic Post Guidelines:
•    Keep posts to 300-400 words.
•    Posts should fit in one of four categories: Climbing, Community, Knowledge or Conservation
•    Posts should be engaging and understandable to the average climber
•    A “from-the-hip” writing style is perfectly ok—we’re not looking for polish, but authenticity
•    As much as possible, include photos and/or video that bring your story to life

What might you write about?

To be honest, we don’t want to limit what climbers can share on Inclined.  We want this to be a place where your voice can be heard by the climbing community at large and the key folks that can initiate change. Still need ideas?

If you’re headed out on a long-planned climbing trip, share the before, during, or after.  Include a photo of the route for others who may be interested in it.  Just got home from an AAC event or other climbing fest? Tell a hilarious story. If a recent policy change affected your local climbing area, start a conversation about it. If you have a passion for the conservation of a particular place, get other climbers on board by telling its story.

If you have a story to tell, contact inclined [at] americanalpineclub [dot] org for instructions.  Please include the following information in an email to us:
1.    Your name, so that we can credit your post
2.    Captions and credit for any photos you choose to include
3.    Any particular details about you and/or your story that will help us introduce the post to Inclined readers
4.    Links to sites with supporting information, if applicable

Be sure to check out our submission guidelines before you post.

We’re looking forward to what you have to say.

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