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Audio Interviews

Audio Interviews

The AAC conducts and collects audio interviews of notable figures in the history of alpinism.

Jason Albert has been creating interviews for the AAC Story Project. You can download podcasts from Itunes.

Interview of Robert Hyman by Chadwick Hagan, AAC Ambassador, Deep South Section:Robert Hyman on Kilimanjaro

Read a transcript of the interview on Chad’s blog.  Robert talks about his 21 seasons in a row at the GTCR!

Interviews by Stanley Boucher:

Alex Drummond, 2000, Interviewed by Stan Boucher regarding his experiences with HAPE and Charles Houston

Part 1:

Part 2:

Ted Vaill, 2/23/2008, Discusses his experiences in the Tetons, Nepal and China.

Jed Williamson, 2/23/2008, editor of Accidents in North American Mountaineering and past president of the American Alpine Club discussing his early days of climbing:

Linda McMillan, Nawang Sherpa and Pete Lardy, 2/23/2008, Discussing climbing high peaks such as Everest and Cho Oyu:

Dee Molenaar, 2/22/2008, Discussing the 1953 American K2 expedition including Pete Schoening’s famous belay: