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Story Project

Listen to audio interviews

Interviews from the AAC Story Project, produced by Jason Albert;  from members like AAC Ambassador Chadwick Hagan, and from historians like Stan Boucher. Itunes Podcasts!

Watch video interviews

Our collection includes interviews by John Martin Meek.  Stay tuned for links to other projects, such as Oakley Anderson-Moore and Alexander Reinhard’s Rock Adventure movie.

Send in Your Own Stories

The Mountaineering Museum records the monthly sPeaker Series so they are available even when you can’t make it to Golden.

AAC on Youtube!

American Mountaineering Museum on YouTube!

The Library also has a variety of VHS and DVD videos available for check out, as well as for watching here.

While it is difficult to seach the online catalog for specific videos (we’re working on it!) you can browse all we have by doing the following:

  • Select Browse
  • Pick “LOCAL Call number” from the drop down box
  • Enter “av” in the search box