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Member Resources

Live in the Alaska? Traveling to Alaska? Be sure to take advantage of these member resources:


• Visit the Alaska Section’s Snowbird Hut. Accessible from Archangel Valley near Hatcher’s Pass, the hut is a year round destination for backcountry skiers, climbers and adventurous hikers. It’s a great example of a Section pulling together their time and energy to produce something awesome.

Guide Services:

- Alaska Mountaineering School (AMS) promotes excellence in responsible mountaineering and wilderness travel by educating and guiding others. AMS relies on this Mission Statement for direction. Our core, taught or demonstrated in everything we do is 1. Safety followed by Leave No Trace, leadership, teamwork, skills, and enjoyment. AMS’ progression and hands-on approach instills confidence based on knowledge. AMS graduates go on to do it on their own. We support a strong foundation that results in a lifetime of enjoyment. We’ve gone past 20 years of experience leading expeditions in Alaska and invite you to check out our website ( or call us at 907-733-1016.
- For over 20 years, Alaska Mountain Guides and Climbing School (AMG) has been the premier outdoor adventure guide service and climbing school with guided trips in Alaska. Programs include, exceptional climbing, trekking, skiing, and sea kayaking adventures that visit some of Alaska’s and the Yukon’s most unique and intriguing places. Check out their website ( or call 1-800-766-3396 for the details.