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Live Your Dream report: Gary Sorcher sends his Hueco project

Posted on: May 14th, 2013 by New England Section

Connecticut boulderer Gary Sorcher was awarded a Live Your Dream grant to help cover his travel costs to Hueco Tanks this past winter so he could work on his dream project: Baby Face (V7). Below is Gary’s report from the field.  


When I found out that I had been awarded a Live Your Dream Grant from the American Alpine Club, I was extremely excited, of course.  But I was also a bit confused.  I don’t crush super hard.  I am not trying to put up first ascents in the Hueco backcountry.  My dream was simple, and essentially this:GarysToDo

There had to be some sort of catch, right?  No catch.  I am extremely grateful to the American Alpine Club for this grant that has allowed me to put climbing at the top of my to-do list.  For most of December, I get to be outside all day, every day and focus on climbing.

I have been in Hueco for almost two weeks now, and it feels like I have been on a classics tour the whole time.  Every single day, I go out and discover new problems and think that it can’t get any better.  And every day I go out there, it does.  These classics come in all shapes and sizes, from the long and pumpy Ghetto Simulator (V2) to the tall and scary See Spot Run (V6) and all the roofs in between like Moonshine (V4) and Girls of Juarez (V4), I have been loving it all.  And despite my shredded skin, I even managed to send New Religion (V7) which is the first of its grade I have climbed yet.  And at the end of the day, I get to watch the sun go down over the desert.


Mostly, I am humbled and honored to climb with the people who make up the Hueco Tanks climbing community.  Whether I am out with climbers who are in town for the weekend or local Hueco legends, I always feel supported and accepted.

I have a little less than one week left to climb here.  Yesterday, I sent my project, Baby Face (V7).  I was extremely psyched that I was able to complete this climb despite its intimidating arete and my chossy labrum. For the rest of this week, I hope to continue the classics tour of Hueco and to spend each day playing on rocks in the Texas sunshine.


For now, it’s time for me to go back to my home at the Hueco Rock Ranch:


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