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Yoga for Climbers Workshop in Boone, NC in April

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Every climber has goals; whether it is to have fun or crush projects.  Climbing has its affects on all of us both physically and mentally.  The practice of yoga for healing, strength, and balance can aid any climber on their own path. Whatever a climber is looking for, yoga is a great addition to a training regime or a personal practice. Jamie Minchin, and the AAC and Neighborhood Yoga are offering three yoga classes to help aid climbers in their progression. 
The first session on Sunday, April 14 will target therapy and healing for the soft tissue, joints and range-of-motion.  Specifically, this first session will target hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders and hamstrings that receive the most climbing-related stess and injuries. Climbing constantly demands isometric contraction of the muscles and “hanging” or wrenching the joints (think one-armed lock-offs, crimping and gastons) and therapeutic yoga will help to stimulate the flow of synovial fluid and release over-worked muscles. Lengthening the hamstrings and opening the hips is also beneficial (think heel hooks and knee drops) and aids the quick-recovery process.

            The second session on Sunday, April 21 will target strengthening and stabilization for climbers.  Specifically, this second session focuses on the core and antagonist muscles for climbing to prevent injury and encourage balance. Shoulder injuries often occur from destabilization of the joints; this workshop seeks to use asana to strengthen these muscles to protect the rotator cuff, elbow and wrist. Knowing how to control the core and utilize the breath in strengthening postures also improves breathing and encourages focus during difficult climbs.

            The third session on Sunday, April 28 is partner yoga for climbers.  This session is a playful, grounding class that uses aspects of partner yoga, acro-yoga, thai massage and meditation to give some TLC to your favorite climbing partner and get some back, while creating trust, harmony, and balance. When your body is feeling tweaked and fatigued, nothing is better than a friend to help you out. Trust is an important aspect of climbing, where would we be without our favorite spotter or belay partner? This workshop also seeks to revitalize the body and mind, and come back to the humbling roots of rock climbing. 

We hope you can join us!

Classes are $10 for AAC Members and $14 for Non-Members

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