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Pat Goodman Slide Show Tour in the Southeast

Posted on: April 10th, 2013 by lhummel








Pat Goodman Slide Show
Tales of High Adventure: Pakistan, Canada, and Venezuela

Crimper’s Climbing Gym
100 Central Avenue
Christianburg, VA
Thursday, April 18 9-10 pm

139 Depot St.
Boone, NC
Wednesday, April 24; 7-9 pm

Seneca Cinco de Mayo Weekend
Seneca Rocks, WV
Saturday Night, May 4

Earth Treks Climbing Gym
725 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD
Monday, May 5; 7:30-9pm

Pat Goodman, originally from New Mexico, has spent a lot of time in just about

every corner of the world, ticking off some of the most arduous and proud FA’s

and repeat ascents. Goodman has also raised the bar in the Southeast, where

he has resided for the last decade. He is known for putting up ‘brick-hard,

borderline-too-dangerous trad climbs, including Fitzcarraldo (5.13R), and Jade

Rabbit *5.13d/5.14a R)’. His slightly abrasive attitude and sheer psyche, have

led Pat to the far corners of the earth, leaving a wake of rad FA’s in wild and

dangerous environments.

Pat takes us on a whirlwind tour of his travels and climbing expeditions to

Pakistan, Canada, and Venezuela. In his first trip to Pakistan, Pat tasted just

enough adventure to make him want to return. Pat and his team of Matt

McCormick and Jean-Pierre Oullet will travel back to Pakistan, after receiving the

American Alpine Club’s 2013 Lyman Spitzer Cutting Edge Award. The team will

try to put up a new route on the east face of Uli Biaho Tower in Trango Valley,

Pakistan later in 2013. This harrowing route was first climbed in 1979 by an

American team comprised of John Roskelley, Bill Forrest, and Ron Kauk. This

year, Pat and his team will take a different approach up the wall to avoid the

‘death gully’ used on previous expeditions.

No stranger to suffering, Pat and his team Jeff Achey, Jeremy Collins and James

Martin snagged the FA of “ The Phoenix” in the Vampire Spires of the Northwest

Territories, Canada in late 2012. After a cross-country road trip from Fayetteville,

WV to the Northwest Territories of Canada, Pat and his team converged to

conquer the Vampire Spires. They walked, scrambled, white-water rafted, and

choppered to the base of their objective with heavy packs and provisions. It was

only a matter of the weather cooperating before the team sank their teeth into the

Vampire Spires and FA-ed “The Phoenix.” 

Pat will be fresh off the trail from Venezuela for this slide show series. Thwarted

on their first trip to Venezuela by broken bones and shattered sprits, Pat and his

team were determined to get back. Just a short month ago, Pat got the

opportunity to go back, despite political turmoil and violence, and he and his

team met their objective. You can catch up on more of his journeys to Venezuela

in the article Pat wrote, which was just published in the Alpinist, “In Gold Blood.”

With the trips mounting both in the past and future, Pat will showcase his current

explorations from Canada, Pakistan, and Venezuela in a one-hour multi-media


This slide show tour is a fundraising event for the Southeast’s Live Your Dream Grant

offered by the American Alpine Club.  

This grant is for the every-day climber here in the

Southeast. Whether it is just to get out of your home crag to experience

something different and challenging, you don’t have to be a bad-ass to apply for

this grant. FA’s are not a required tenant of this grant application, we just want to

help you get out there and live your dream of climbing.


Thanks to Pat Goodman and all of his sponsors for helping get

 Pat around the southeast and donating swag for raffles to benefit the Live Your Dream Grant

 –Mountain Hardware, Julbo, Sterling, Metolius, and La Sportiva.




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