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Kyle Dempster Slideshow Recap

Posted on: June 15th, 2012 by Southwest Section

Noted climber and Piolet d’Or recipient Kyle Dempster gave a slideshow about his climbs in Pakistan, China and Kyrgyzstan, in Pasadena, California on Wednesday June 13th. The event was organized together by Caltech Alpine Club and the AAC-Southwest Section. Some 110 people attended. The event started at 7 with an hour of free beer, snacks and mingling with the speaker. The slideshow then lasted for more than an hour, and had people absolutely enthralled. Kyle pointed out how crucial the AAC has been in his evolution in his climbing – from his days as a Yosemite bum to now climbing peaks like Mt. Edgar in China. The crowd also got a first hand glance at Kyle’s frost-bit ring finger (now half the size), which he got on a 24 day solo attempt of a 6000m peak in Pakistan.

This event was a part in the series of some amazing slideshows put together in the last year by the Caltech and American Alpine Clubs, including Kyle, Jed Brown, Dylan Johnson, Mike Libecki, Michelle Peot and SP Parker. The next speaker in this series will be climber Doug Shepherd on July 5, and we expect the event will be as well received as Kyle’s slideshow! We also wish Kyle the best for his upcoming 3 month expedition to Pakistan for climbing K7 and Ogre II with Hayden Kennedy and others, on a Mugs Stump award and support from AAC.


Pratyush Tiwary

AAC Member; President Caltech Alpine Club

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