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Index Falcon closure

Posted on: June 22nd, 2012 by Eddie Espinosa

From the park – please help spread the word:

“June 15, 2012: There is an active peregrine falcon nest on the Beach ledge in the Cheeks area, on the right side of the Index Upper Town Wall. The young birds are about to fledge. Washington State Parks and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife have asked that climbers not climb or work on projects in the area during the next three weeks, until July 7, 2012. The closure area includes all routes beginning and ending at the Beach ledge, starting from Engines of Archimedes on the west and including the Perverse Traverse. You can still hike along the base of the wall. You can also still climb one-pitch climbs in the Zipper area (e.g., Zipper first pitch, Active Boys Puke A Lot, Attractive Nuisance). Please respect this closure for the benefit of the young falcons and the future of climbing at the Index Town Walls.


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