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Blue Ridge Seneca Weekend June 29-July1, 2012

Posted on: June 27th, 2012 by Luke Bauer

Blue Ridge Seneca Weekend June 29-July1, 2012

This coming weekend there will be a Blue Ridge Section meet at Seneca. The intention is to camp together, climb, socialize with AAC members and other DC area climbers. There also will be various July 4th activities, such as a band, courtesy of the guiding community, on Saturday evening. Forecast is looking very warm.

The AAC-BRS will be set up on Tom’s deck before the band starts playing on Saturday night to sign up new members. Stop by and say hello. Mentioned you read this newsletter and receive a free Trango AAC carabiner rescue knife.

Arrangements will depend on the number of people participating, so please let me know if you’re intending to come.  Depending on the numbers, we may share a group campsite with the Potomac Mountaineering Club, as we have a lot of members in common, and if there’s enough interest we’ll participate in their Saturday potluck dinner.

Upcoming BRS Events

As part of the activities this year, I am arranging joint meetings with other AAC sections:

  • ·         Linville Gorge Area in September with the North Carolina Section
  • ·         The Gunks with the New England Section, also in the Fall.

Details to follow….other initiatives:

  • ·         John Bragg, the AAC Community Programs Director, will be a speaker in the Fall, talking about his climbing career
  • ·         A number of AAC members climb at the EarthTreks gym in Rockville on a regular basis, several nights a week. If there’s some interest there will be an informal social event after climbing, but even if you don’t like plastic you’re still invited…let me know if you’d like to participate
  • ·         I am also intending to utilize the AAC library’s large collection of videos and DVDs by having a video evening every 2-3 months.  Initially, these will probably be held in my house in Bethesda MD, but I’m looking for hosts in other areas.  The videos/DVDs can be requested from the library in advance.  Let me know if you’re interested either in participating in, or organizing, such events
  • ·         There will very likely be a Blue Ridge Section barbecue one weekend day in late July at David Giacomin’s house in Silver Spring, perhaps preceded by some local climbing


Want to stay connected and get fun info:

Events and information of interest to members will be posted on this page, on the Section website, and through emails such as this.


Holding an Event & Speakers

Although most events have been held in and around Washington DC, there is no reason that we can’t hold activities in other areas where there are BRS members.  The Club is encouraging this, in part through the role of the regional coordinators.  All that’s required is to contact me or the regional coordinator with your ideas.  I’d particularly like to have regional events that are both social and provide opportunities to go climbing, so if this is something you’d be interested in arranging let me know.

 I’m always looking for speakers for future meetings so if you’d like to talk about anything climbing/mountain related please contact me  Also, BRS talks can be held outside DC, so as above, contact me if interested.

The lifeblood of a club like the AAC is volunteers.  So if you’re interested in arranging an event, helping out at one, giving a talk, or just being more involved please contact me directly –[email protected]

Recent events have been held at the Cleveland Public Library.  This has some disadvantages as they don’t serve beer, close at 9pm and don’t permit any events where we collect donations. So we’re still looking for a venue for occasional use with speakers. If you have connections or access to a facility that we could use for public talks on an irregular basis please let me know.

Other Regional Events

Vertical Rock Manassas

New gym in the DC area….

HERA Climb for Life July 13 – 15 – Carderock & Great Falls

Fundraising for Ovarian cancer

AAC Publications

I have a small number of copies of AAC publications available for section members – overstock some years ago.  Please contact me if interested:

AA Journals - 1946, 73, 74, 75, 76, 79, 80, 83, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 992000, 01,02,03,05

AA Journal Index - 1929-76, 1977-86

Accidents in NA - 1985, 94, 95, 98,99, 2000, 2002

Other Books - Stone Crusade, Ascent 89, Arctic SuperstarsCloud Dancers

Simon Carr

Blue Ridge Section Chairman

[email protected]

202 340 7122 [cell]

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