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Club Heads to Yosemite for Conservation

Posted on: May 7th, 2012 by Luke Bauer

The AAC continues to advocate on behalf of our members: Executive Director, Phil Powers and Conservation & Advocacy Director, Leigh Goldberg met with the Superintendent of Yosemite National Park last week. Expanding camping, parking and transportation options throughout the Valley, including expanding and improving amenities at Camp 4, continues to be of primary importance to the Club.

We also had a chance to follow up on the comments we submitted on the Merced River Plan Preliminary Alternatives. The Park expects to release its Preferred Alternative later this summer. We encourage our community to stay involved in this process by letting us know your opinions and submitting comments on the Preferred Alternative directly to the Park. Read more information on the Merced River Plan.

Here is a quick recap of news from the Valley:

  • During our site visit, we were very pleased and appreciative to see that the Park recently removed the construction zone in Camp 4. Camp 4 has plenty of availability for climbers right now and the weather is prime for climbing!
  • Due to findings of a recent rock fall study, we expect to see some reorganization of Camp 4 sites as well as Curry Cabins.
  • The AAC is really psyched to co-sponsor a new Climbing Stewards Program launching this summer to help educate climbers about stewardship and preserving this cherished climbing Mecca. If you are interested in volunteering as one of four Climbing Stewards in the Valley this summer, check out the opportunity description and search for “Yosemite” for all the details [sorry, no direct link]. 
  • We wish to acknowledge the fantastic work of Climbing Rangers Jesse McGahey and Ben Doyle. When you see them at that next AAC co-sponsored “Coffee with a Ranger” for a free cup of joe, be sure to thank them for their continued support of climbers!
  • And last but not least, we had a delightful time catching up with long-time Yosemite volunteer extraordinaire Linda McMillan who continues to wow us with her passion for Yosemite climbing and important partnership with the Park.  As Chair of the AAC Yosemite Committee, Linda has led numerous conservation and advocacy projects including the Yosemite Climbers Interpretation Program, which has reached 50,000 park visitors to date.
Two climbers atop Yosemite's Manure Pile Buttress

Two climbers atop Yosemite's Manure Pile Buttress. Photo Luke Bauer Collection

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