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Next Meeting 7 p.m. May 10, 2012

Posted on: April 5th, 2012 by Blue Ridge Section

Blue Ridge Section Events

Next Meeting Thursday 7pm May 10, 2012

This will be in the second floor meeting room at the Cleveland Park Neighborhood Library, 3310 Connecticut Ave N.W. Washington, DC 20008 – same location as recent talks.

As we have to vacate the library by 8.30 this will start promptly.,%20DC%20%2020008

There will be two – possibly more – talks:

  • Stacy Bare with the Sierra Club’s Military Families Outdoors, will present on a recent trip the organization’s trip to the Tetons.
  • Gavin Way will discuss a trip to Cotopaxi and EcuadorI’ll also be briefly outlining some of the activities and benefits the AAC has started, and is starting, for members.

Nearest metro is Cleveland Park, several blocks away. After the meeting, we will head to the Four Fields or another pub nearby for a drink/meal.

AAC Developments

You are probably aware from various AAC emails that the club has moved actively to provide better services to members. These include magazine and gear discounts, better rescue insurance, improved publications and library facilities, and more events across the country.

Part of this strategy has been to hire regional coordinators to assist the sections with planning and running events.  In our area, the North East/Mid Atlantic coordinator is Sarah Garlick, [email protected].

There will also be a South-eastern coordinator – recruitment is underway. These positions and related activities are managed by the new Community Program Director, John Bragg [email protected]

If you’ve climbed at the Gunks or in New England he is that John Bragg…

AAC North-Eastern Dream Grant

A new recently established member benefit is the AAC Dream Grant. This is intended to fund individuals or small teams, up to $1000, on climbing projects that are significant for the participants…i.e. they don’t have to be cutting edge.

These grants are open to climbers in New England and NY, NJ, PA, DE and MD [sorry VA]. L You don’t have to be  a member to apply but if selected for an award you will need to join the Club. Spring application deadline is April 15 and Fall September 1.

More information:

Upcoming BRS Events

As part of the activities I’m hoping to hold this year, I’m trying to arrange joint meetings with other AAC sections.  It’s likely that these will include an event in the Linville Gorge Area in May with the North Carolina Section – socializing and climbing.  I’m also hoping to arrange an event with the New England Section, most likely at the Gunks either in June or in the Fall. And, locally, there will be a least one section event at Seneca.

Two other initiatives:

  • A number of AAC members climb at the EarthTreks gym in Rockville on a regular basis, several nights a week. Starting in May there will an informal event based on socializing…after some climbing, but even if you don’t like plastic you’re still invited. If you’re interested in participating in this, or organizing something similar at another gym, let me know.
  • I am also intending to utilize the AAC library’s large collection of videos and DVDs by having a video evening every 2-3 months.  Initially, these will probably be held in my house in Bethesda MD, but I’m looking for hosts in other areas.  The videos/DVDs can be requested from the library in advance.  Let me know if you’re interested either in participating in, or organizing, such events
  • There will very likely be a Blue Ridge Section barbecue one weekend day in May at David Giacomin’s house in Silver Spring, perhaps preceded by some local climbing

BRS News

We now have a BRS Face Book page

Events and information of interest to members will be posted on this page, on the Section website, and through emails such as this.

The Facebook page was set up by David Giacomin, a long term AAC member who has taken on the role of Vice Chair. He will be helping organize events, and in particular will maintain the Facebook page. He is also investigating setting up a forum to allow members to communicate effectively with each other to find climbing partners, organize trips, sell gear etc.  When Dave is not climbing rock, ice or alpine routes, he can be found hanging out at his home in Silver Spring, MD with his wife and dog. Dave can be contacted at 240-478-5475 or [email protected] .

Holding an Event & Speakers

Although most events have been held in and around Washington DC, there is no reason that we can’t hold activities in other areas where there are BRS members.  The Club is encouraging this, in part through the role of the regional coordinators that have been hired to help plan events.  All that’s required is to contact me or the regional coordinator with your ideas.  I’d particularly like to have regional events that are both social and provide opportunities to go climbing, so if this is something you’d be interested in arranging let me know.

 I’m always looking for speakers for future meetings so if you’d like to talk about anything climbing/mountain related please contact me  Also, BRS talks can be held outside DC, so as above, contact me if interested.

The lifeblood of a club like the AAC is volunteers.  So if you’re interested in arranging an event, helping out at one, giving a talk, or just being more involved please contact me directly

Blue Ridge Section Chairman

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