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Delegates Selected for BMC Winter Meet in Scotland

Posted on: October 14th, 2011 by Luke Bauer

The American Alpine Club’s BMC Winter Meet Selection Committee selected its delegates for the upcoming Winter Meet and it must be said that it was difficult. The last meet—the BMC’s Summer Meet in Wales—was an easy choice, as only a couple of people applied (by the way, thanks Jay Hack, for the write up from the BMC Summer Meet).

But this time, the Club got a lot more applicants, and they were all really well-qualified, in the arena of technical climbing (important when traveling to Scotland in the winter), AND in their personalities, ability to write amusing cover letters, willingness to provide the Club with pictures & content at the end of things, and just general awesomeness. The fine gradations of difference between the applicants made the whole thing really difficult to parse out and select. So, ultimately, the Selection Committee got it down to a few—and then randomized the final picks.

So who is it? New Hampshire’s Bayard Russell and Ohio’s Scott Fife. Both provided the Club with lengthy climbing resumes and comical letters extolling their own virtues and their appreciation for booze crafted in the UK.

So, congratulations to the 2012 British Mountaineering Council Winter Meet Delegates! Everyone is looking forward to their reports after the event. This Winter’s Meet will be held January 22-29, 2012. More details on Inclined and the BMC’s blog.

 Did you know that the American Alpine Club’s own International Climbers Meet just wrapped up in Yosemite? 

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