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Burkett Needle FA by Copp-Dash Award Team

Posted on: September 29th, 2011 by The AAC

The 2011 Copp-Dash Inspire Award, presented to 5 teams this year, allowed the completion of a stunning new route on the Burkett Needle in southeast Alaska. The Copp-Dash Award was established in 2009 to honor Jonny Copp and Micah Dash, two top-notch alpinists that were killed while pursuing a new route in China’s Sichuan Province.  This award is given annually to teams whose values and objectives align with Jonny’s and Micah’s: new routes put up in good style, in far-flung ranges across the globe.

FA of the East Arete, Burkett Needle, Alaska
We’ve reposted an excerpt of Member John Frieh’s trip report here (with his permission, of course).  As a Member,  John has been enjoying the numerous benefits the AAC offers.  Aside from recieving the prestigious Copp-Dash Award, John says, “The American Alpine Club is so much more than just two books in the mail each year; the money saved through the gear and gym discounts alone exceeds the annual cost. Add to that lodging discounts and yes two books in the mail each year and it boils down to the simple fact that you come out ahead with an AAC membership. That said the true value of the American Alpine Club is belonging to a group of individuals as passionate and commited to climbing as you are.”

On September 9th, 2011 Dave Burdick, Zac West and I (John Frieh) flew to the Burkett Glacier in the heart of SE Alaska’s Stikine Icecap. A rare two-day weather window had appeared in between the record storms and rainfall that had been hammering the area all summer long. Our intentions on Mt. Burkett were soon abandoned after observing how active and broken the hanging glacier on the approach was in its fall state. Instead we turned our attentions to the unclimbed East Arête of Burkett Needle, a 2300’ alpine tower immediately West of Mt. Burkett.

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Look forward to a surely amazing multimedia presentation on this climb!

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