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Hut Work Party ~ Aug. 6-7, 2011

Posted on: August 12th, 2011 by Alaska Section

The weekend work party crew gathered at the hut to continue with the projects that need to be completed.  Our volunteers helped remove the remaining debris from the old hut and move it to the staging area for the next helicopter lift, and started building the new outhouse for the hut.  We will be testing a new concept by constructing a urine diversion, de-hydrating outhouse for the hut (more on this later).

New Dehydrating outhouse for the hut. The lower part will be enclosed and contain the waste material.The upper 'deck' will be the main floor of the outhouse.



The upper 'deck' will be the main floor of the outhouse. The main viewing window will face north for a grand (but private) view.


 The work party had their outdoor work cut short on saturday evening with full blown whiteout snowstorm that howled all night and deposited approx. 6″ of new termination dust on the entire glacier and surrounding mountains! 


Termination Dust on the original hut during the first week of August!

The work party concentrated on the indoor tasks that could be accomplished by completing the trim details in the new hut.

Cory Hines looks at the finished red trim piece newly installed on the roof. The overflow 'loft' is clearly visable above the ladders.


Red Trim boards in place alongside the fundraiser posters.


The trim boards show off the height of the 'hip' roof.

Thanks so much to our Volunteers who helped out this weekend.  We are very excited about our upcoming dedication of the hut on August 20th, 2011.  Please come and join the fun in seeing the hut with us!  Contact Cindi if you wish to hike in and attend ~ we would love to see you there.