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Hut Dedication Day! August 20, 2011

Posted on: August 23rd, 2011 by Alaska Section

The Hatcher Pass Area enjoyed sunshine as the group assembled at the trailhead to hike in for Dedication Day of the Snowbird Hut!   The blueberries greated us as we ascended into the mountains!

Hiking down the Snowbird Glacier to the Hut.

The group of fourteen assembles on the front deck of the hut.

Alaska Section Members and many friends celebrate the dedication of the Snowbird Hut.

Roger Robinson (AAC Exit Stratgies Conference & Clean Can Program ~ Denali Park) joined in to view the new ‘test’ outhouse being designed for the hut.

This outhouse will incorporate urine diversion and dehydrating of solid waste material. This will be a test piece for a higher elevation (4,840′) alpine environment.  We hope to be able to dehydrate the solid matter for easier removal (pack or fly out). 

Harry Hunt (Section Co-Chair) and Galen Flint working on the new outhouse!


Outhouse taking shape…

The lower section of the outhouse will contain the dehydrating area for the solid waste.

The final touches are put on the interior of the hut.

Finishing touches on the kitchen counter, shelves and storage cubbies. A non-skid 2-part epoxy paint seals the floor from water.


The hut is ready to receive it's Hunter Green Metal Roof. We hope to have this completed by Labor Day Weekend.


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