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Snowbird Hut Update: 7/04/11

Posted on: July 7th, 2011 by Alaska Section

The July 4th Weekend work party was a great success!

Thanks to our volunteers we have the metal siding installed on the exterior of the the new hut!  In addition, more interior sheeting was installed on the ceiling and  demolition of the old hut has begun.


The metal siding is carefully fitted to the side of the hut.


James Brady (Ak Section Co-Chair) helps to install the siding on the new hut.


Harry Hunt (Ak Section Co-Chair) measures for the new metal roof for the hut.


James Brady hammers wood sheeting to the ceiling.


Paige Brady helping to install the wood sheeting on the ceiling.





The old hut received some attention during this work party. Most of the items inside were sorted and packed up and the interior woodwork removed. The wood will be burned and the other items will be hauled out and properly disposed of.

Paige begins removing the original hut’s foam insulation.

Preparing the foam in order to bag it (just like stomping grapes!)

Celebrating the progress on the hut!

'Fireworks' for Independence Day 2011 !


Thanks to everyone who came and visited this holiday weekend! We enjoyed the good energy that you brought to the dreary wet days and appreciate all the help with hauling items in and out of the hut.  We could not accomplish our tasks without your help!

Happy Independence Day 2011!