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Snowbird Hut Update: 7/31/10

Posted on: June 15th, 2011 by Alaska Section

This weekend kicks off the ground breaking work on the new Snowbird hut!

There were many volunteers that hiked into the hut for the July 31 – Aug 1 work party.  Areas were leveled and the ground prepared for the base plates that would hold the vertical supports of the foundation.

The gabion cages were assembled by our wonderful: Gabion Girls!

An assembled gabion cage was dropped down over the base plate and filled with natural materials found on site ~ granite boulders and rocks!

For two days our volunteers constructed 9 gabions and filled them with granite rocks.  Each gabion measures 1 cubic yard in size and holds approx. 3,740 lbs of rocks.  In total, the nine gabions hold almot a dump truck full of material weighing over 16 tons!

The gabions will provide a solid foundation and anchor for the hut to rest upon.  This will also allow quite a bit of room under the hut to story emergency gear and have snow free access in the winter.

Thank you to all the volunteers that came in for the work party!  It was amazing to see how much was accomplished in just two shore days.

~Cindi, James and Harry

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