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Logging In to the AAC Library

Posted on: April 27th, 2011 by AAC Library

Last week the AAC launched our new website.  You have no doubt visited it numerous times by now to ogle it, I’m sure.  One of my favorite aspects is the fact that the library catalog is now synced with the AAC member database.   This means that your login and password, along with your mailing address and contact information is now automatically added to the library catalog, all the better for mailing you the guidebooks and DVDs you order online.

There’s been a small snafu, however, so while we fix it, here’s the work-around:

Go to the AAC website

Go to Login

Click Forgot Password and use the email address you associated with your AAC profile.

Once you receive your new temporary password, go back to the AAC website, log in and change your password.

This should then automatically change your password in the library catalog, so you can go to and log in with your email address and  AAC password.

If you are still having trouble, give us a call at the library at 303-384-0112 or email library @ americanalpineclub dot org.