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Snowbird Hut Update: 3/05/2011

Posted on: March 23rd, 2011 by Alaska Section

Snowbird Hut Work Party March 5 – 8, 2011

Members of the Alaska Section took advantage of an incredible weather window to enjoy another work party at the hut during the first week in March.

Cory, Elaina, and Peter Hines joined Harry Hunt and Cindi Squire and helocoptered into the hut for a work party and a few days of vacation.  The helocopter allowed us to bring in material for the work party as well as provide big excitement when it landed right next to the hut to drop us off!

Upon arriving, the first order of business was to dig out the outhouse (this is used to hold the ‘luggable loo’). The ‘luggable loo’ is a 5 gallon paint can fitted with a toilet seat and lid.  The can is lined with plastic bags and used to collect human solid waste. The plastic bags allow the waste to be packed out when the hut occupants leave.  An easy low tech system for the  high alpine environment.


Section Co-Chair Harry Hunt began immediately on assembling the second set of bunks for the hut (single on top and double on the bottom).

The loft was extended for overflow sleeping area and the storage ‘cubbies’ were installed to house your gear as you enter the hut. There is room to hang your coat, store your pack and boots in each cubbie.

Posters for the Snowbird Hut fundraisers are commerating the ceiling of the hut.

The triangle table will accomdate 8 people with room on the table for plenty of food and drink!  The bench seat has a hinged lid that allows access to a dry food storage locker (this houses your dry goods during your stay).

Check out the rest of the photos from this work party in our gallery.




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