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Arkansas In A Day

Posted on: March 23rd, 2011 by admin

I had the great pleasure last weekend of traveling to the Horseshoe Ranch in Arkansas to give a joint presentation along with Jeremy Collins, to benefit the AAC. I was a little bit dubious about the prospect for climbing in Arkansas, as I had not heard much about it, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a true sandstone frontier offering the full gamut of challenges, from Bouldering, to Sport Climbing and even some spectacular Trad-climbs. I arrived a day early to get in a little climbing with Jeremy, and by the end of the day my forearms felt like they had been beat to a pulp by a meat tenderizer, by the endless supply of steep gymnastic climbing. Between burns, I pulled out my video camera and tried to convey through moving pictures, the vibe of Arkansas cragging. That evening, I edited a video to show at the presentation.

People were psyched to see their home area on the big screen and were very supportive of the AAC and just generally psyched to come together. Nearly a hundred and fifty people rallied to the show and everyone was amped for the entertainment, beer and door prizes. Jeremy showed his amazing film “Border Country” for the first time, and also shared some of his classic climbing related cartoons. Jeremy is in my opinion, the single greatest climbing artist on the planet. He really is a visionary…constantly striving and breaking new ground as a climber and artist. After Jeremy, I showed my multimedia shebang, which includes several original short films and slides from all around the world, including Africa, Pakistan, Brazil, Argentina and some local adventures as well. I find events like this rejuvenating. It’s nice to know people are psyched and inspired by some of my crazy adventures, and it’s always nice to give back to the climbing community that has truly given me everything. We rallied some new members to the AAC, and showed people a good time, so I think it was a success on all accounts.

Being a member of the AAC is about taking part in something larger than your self. It’s about shared values, and shared passion. I’ve been getting my inspiration from the Journal since I knew what a climbing shoe and camalot were, so it’s always an honor to represent the AAC and I look forward to helping the club reach out to new members whenever and however I can. These are my people, this is my community.

Off Belay.

Cedar Wright.

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