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Snowbird Hut Directions

Posted on: February 19th, 2011 by Alaska Section

The Snowbird Hut does not afford easy access if you are unfamiliar with the approach.  Listed below are the gps coordinates of the hut and at the bottom of this page a USGS map with the general location of the hut on the edge of the glacier.

Please note that winter travel to and from the Snowbird Hut requires that you be self sufficent, and able to make your way in the backcountry (very little if any cell phone service).  Good route finding and good weather are major considerations for this trip.  If you have not been to the hut previously, please know that you could have a very difficult time finding it the first time.  It is best to partner with someone who has knowledge of the area to assist in locating and accessing the hut.

GPS Coordinates:

61 51.506” N.   by 149 12.113” W

The best way to approach is from the Archangel road, Reed Lakes trailhead. Note, that in the winter, Archangel road is closed and this adds to your approach time. Rather than continuing to Reed Lakes past the old cabin, head north into the Glacier Creek valley, passing the Snowbird Mine. The pass at the head of Glacier Creek drops you on to the Snowbird Glacier. Descend onto the glacier and if foggy stay to the right and travel about 1.25 miles.   Hug the moraine until you see the large rock with the red arrow painted on it.  If the conditions are clear it is easier to walk (approx) down the middle of the glacier until you see the rock with red arrow (see below).


This rock at the base of the moraine indicates the direction of the hut.










The rock and the hut as seen from the (approx) middle of the glacier.











Be advised that it is a difficult wilderness trek and the hut is hard to locate (although the new hut is more prominent on the ridge line) There have been many competent wilderness trekkers who have been benighted searching for the hut. So if you haven’t been there before it would be smart to not rely on the hut for your overnight survival.

Approximate location on the edge of the glacial moraine.

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