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Snowbird Hut Rules & Guidelines

Posted on: November 23rd, 2010 by Alaska Section

The new hut comes with guidelines and beta to help make your visit the most it can be. Please take a moment to review this so that you will be prepared for your visit to the hut.

Visit the Snowbird Hut website.

Welcome to the Snowbird Hut! This hut is provided to the community by the Alaska Section of the American Alpine Club. It was built and is maintained through private donations and volunteer labor.

This fact sheet is provided to outline the Care and Feeding of the Snowbird Hut. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the rules and the use of this facility.

This hut is managed on an open basis and cannot be reserved in advance. There is no fee required to use this hut. This hut does not support commercial operations.

The purpose of this facility is to provide shelter to backcountry users. Guests should expect to share the hut with respect and consideration for others. In addition, this hut encourages understanding and cooperation among multiple parties that wish to use it. If additional parties arrive during your stay, please make an effort to accommodate them. This hut accommodates 6 – 12 people (2 dbl and 2 singl bunks, 6 in the overflow loft).

With that said, please engage in the following rules during your stay:

•  Please provide your own fuel for the heater. The external fuel tank will gravity feed fuel to the heater. Kerosene works the best for the external tank  and can be obtained at: Ace Hardware on Muldoon Road and  True Value on Jewel Lake Road.  DO NOT USE white gas in the external tank!

•  The Coleman cooking stove and lanterns uses white gas or unleaded gas.

• A ‘Luggable Loo’ is provided for toileting. Please double line it with plastic garbage bags and pack out solid human waste. Solid waste does not decompose in this cool climate. This requires that it be packed out and not disposed around the hut. The ‘loo’ resides in the outhouse when in use.

• Instructions and lighting material is provided for the oil heater. Please see these instructions if you are not familiar with lighting oil heaters. They are posted by the heater and in the hut book.

•Smoking is not allowed within the hut.
• Guests are asked to keep their gear out of the way of other guests. Storage lockers and space under the bunks is available to store your gear.
• Please use the racks outside to store your skis. Skis do not belong in the hut.
• Please do not leave your extra food or supplies in or under the hut. Food left behind attracts unwanted critters and extra gear becomes unnecessary clutter. This extra gear will be removed from the hut.
• Some gear is provided with the hut to make your stay more comfortable:

o Snow melt pot for the top of the heater.
o Frying pan and cooking pot with lid.
o Coleman 2 burner cooking stove and 2 lanterns.
o Spatula and cooking spoons.
o Water storage containers (please leave these empty in the winter when you vacate).
o First Aid Kit.
o Emergency sled & evacuation gear.

Please address maintenance or other concerns to the Alaska Section Co-Chairs James Brady or Harry Hunt. Visit the website ( for their contact info.

Donations for maintenance and support of the hut can be delivered to James or Harry, please contact them or donate online to the American Alpine Club (please indicate that your donation is to support the Snowbird Hut exclusively).

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