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Snowbird Hut Update: 10/23/2010

Posted on: October 23rd, 2010 by Alaska Section

The Alaska Section took advantage of a good weather window on the weekend of October 23-24 to hike into the hut for our work party.  Joe Stock accompanied Section Co-Chair Harry Hunt and Cindi Squire (Hut Mistress) and provided some incredible pictures of the weekend events.

Hiking up to the Pass in route to the Snowbird Glacier

Fresh Snow on the original hut and the new hut

Fresh Snow on the old and new hut

Arriving at the hut, we were pleased to see it with the new snow.  There had been a significant wind event several weeks earlier  and this was the first visit back to the hut.  The prayer flags were a little worse for wear, but everything was intact and in good shape.

Peeling back the protective cover to reveal a new stainless countertop!

Work began on the various projects that needed to be completed.  We peeled the protective coating from the stainless steel countertop. The stainless is a great surface for the stoves and hot pans, ensuring that there are no burn marks on the wood areas of the hut. 

Lots of Insulation for the cold winters!

The remaining insulation was installed (R-30 in the roof) and the vis-queen stapled in place. Finally wood sheeting installed on all the interior walls and halfway up the roof.

The triangle table really fits the spot!

The next project involved the main eating table and built in seating. There was much discussion about the shape of the table to be built. After looking at the space available and geting a ‘feel’ for what might work.  The idea of the triangle was born!  This project (when completed) will have benches along both walls under the windows, and smaller movable benches facing the view.  The table will have a clear coating of epoxy poured to give it a good surface for protection.

After a great day working on the hut we settled in for the night under a full moon that shined as brightly as the sun. Then the northern lights came out and treated us to an incredible show! They danced and changed shapes as they darted across the sky.

Northern Lights dance across the sky over the hut

The Snowbird Hut is located in a place that is truly magical.

The Glow of the moon on the nunatak and the hut

The Hut is (mostly) operational at this time so please feel free to utilize it and offer feedback in the new hut log that is provided.  There are a few items to be corrected, such as the small fuel leak from the heater (we are working to correct that on the next trip in) and other projects to complete so bear with us as we slowly move forward.

Remember to bring heating fuel for the stove when you come in, the stove utilizes Heating Oil, Kerosene, or Diesel. The cooking stove and lanterns utilize white gas.

Enjoy and take care of the new hut!

~Harry, James and Cindi

Check out more pictures in the photo galleries.

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