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AAC Hires Erik Lambert as Information and Marketing Director

Posted on: October 4th, 2010 by Erik Lambert

AAC Hires Erik Lambert as Information and Marketing Director

GOLDEN, Colorado (October 4, 2010) -  The American Alpine Club is pleased to welcome Erik Lambert in the role of Information and Marketing Director. Erik brings a rich background in climbing media from four years at Alpinist. Erik started as an intern in 2006 and continued on to serve as the magazine’s first online editor.

Erik will oversee the strategy and development of all AAC marketing initiatives and publishing efforts with a focus on online availability and electronic content. This new position is part of an ongoing commitment to bring the Club to all climbers at a local level and to support their climbing aspirations from the beginning stages to the lofty pursuits of the world’s high places.

“We are extremely pleased to bring Erik onto our team,” AAC Executive Director Phil Powers says. “He has a vision and thoughtfulness about the American Alpine Club’s future as a source for invaluable climbing information that we could not ignore. Erik will lead a strategy that aligns all of the AAC’s knowledge resources– library, archives, artifacts, online assets and our flagship publication, The American Alpine Journal–to deliver the information that climbers want and need when and where they need it. We look forward to this new phase at the AAC with Erik leading this important portion of our mission.”

The AAC has enjoyed a historically close relationship with Alpinist, and looks forward to a strengthened partnership centered around climbing information excellence by bringing Erik on the team. Both institutions share a passion for chronicling and sharing the best of climbing’s history and current pursuits, and the AAC will always be proud to point the climbing community to the superior quality and journalism of Alpinist.

About the AAC
The American Alpine Club is the premier national organization in the U.S. devoted to the multitude of issues facing rock climbers and mountaineers. For more than 100 years, the AAC has led mountaineering adventure, scientific research and education in the U.S.  The Club’s active membership ranges from beginning climbers to a “who’s who” of the world’s most experienced mountaineers. The organization’s dedication to education and conservation drives dissemination of knowledge, continued study and scientific exploration of the high mountains of the world, from the Arctic Circle to the peaks of Antarctica.

The AAC unites climbers to advance the climbing way of life by providing knowledge and inspiration, conservation and advocacy, and logistical support for the climbing community.

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