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Snowbird Hut Update: 9/26/2010

Posted on: September 26th, 2010 by Alaska Section

The Volunteers of the Alaska Section joined together again the weekend of September 18-19th to celebrate another work party on the Snowbird Hut.  They were rewarded with sunshine, clear blue skies and no wind during a late fall sunny weather window high in the Talkeetna Range.  This weekend saw warm weather, sunglasses and much work accomplished on the hut.

On Saturday the 18th the helicopter arrived under perfect conditions to lift the last two loads (for this season) into the the hut. On the return trip the first load of trash and junk from the old hut was removed and brought out for disposal.  This supply lift will enable work to continue through the winter on the hut. We would like to meet the goal of having the hut fully operational by next summer.

One of the first items accomplished was to install the hut’s new oil stove. This involved locating the placement of the new stove within the hut, cutting a hole in the roof for the chimmney and installing the gravity fed fuel tank to supply the stove with oil.

Section Chair Harry Hunt installs the chimney on the hut roof.

The oil heater for the hut ~ keeps it warm in the winter!

External Fuel tank for the hut heater. Gravity feeds the fuel flow and the exterior mount allows easy (and safe) acces to fill the tank.

 Clockwise from left: Harry Hunt (Section Co-Chair) installing the chimmney up on the roof. The new oil burning stove to heat the hut. The fuel tank mounted on the side of the building will gravity feed the stove. This location provides easy access to fill the tank from the front porch.

The first set of bunks (double on the bottom~single on the top) were installed and a viewing bench was placed at the foot of the bunk to provide what may be the best seat in the house. This seat will also double as a ‘first step’ leading to a ladder for accessing the upper bunk and the loft area.

Double bunk on the bottom and single bunk on top. The bench at the end of the bunk 'sports' the best seat in the hut.

The kitchen work surface area was assembled with storage room underneath the main counter.  Then a custom shaped stainless steel counter top was glued into place and clamped down securely while the glue dried. 

The Stainless countertop is glued and clamped down to dry.


On the outside of the hut, stairs were installed and customized with a beautiful slab of granite as the first step up the stairs.

The entrance steps are highlighted with a huge granite slab obtained from the area around the hut.

The base support beams were stained Hunter Green to match the metal roof color. The metal roof will be installed next spring/summer after additional funds are raised.

The matching green metal roof, cedar shakes and galvanized siding will be added Summer 2011.

Insulation, protective vis-queen, and wood sheeting have been installed in the walls and under the floor. More work remains to install the ceiling insulation and complete the bunks and storage cubbies.  Many details will be completed in the near future and over the winter.

Prayer Flags glow in the sunlight on the Snowbird Hut.

Prayer flags fly in the sun.

James, Harry and Cindi are taking some time off for a climbing trip to celebrate the fantastic progress on the Snowbird Hut.  They want to take this time to thank EVERY Work Party Volunteer and every Monetary Donor for all the help with making the project come together. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

We support the gathering of community and volunteers to complete a project like the Snowbird Hut. Through these endeavors we hope to bring people together with each other to share the outdoors.

Off to Red Rocks we go!!

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