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Climbs and Climbers, 9/2/10: One of Our Own

Posted on: September 3rd, 2010 by Erik Lambert

For this belated Climbs and Climbers post, check out an expedition heading out soon after this Labor Day weekend. Chad Hagan also operates as the AAC Section Chair for the Deep South, tirelessly organizing sweet events in and around the Atlanta area, and he’ll take off on Tuesday for Bolivia. He’s promised his full report on return, but here’s a starter:

Apolobamba Map

A map of the area where Chad and team are headed, near the border of Bolivia and Peru.

“I’ll be climbing in the Cordillera Apolobamba with Jeff Sandifort and Ian Grant (both of them currently live in Bolivia). We will be scouting for new routes and first ascents on the rarely visited western side of the Apolobamba. This area borders the Atacama Desert, one of the driest places on earth, which should make for ideal climbing weather. There is nothing worse than sitting in a tent, shut out from storms.

I am prepping this trip for a few articles and a book/ travelogue project, so I will take great notes and pay attention to all details.

The is very  little existing information out there about the Apolobamba range. Most is limited popular trails and mountains not on our itinerary. There will be a lot of planning the first few days in La Paz. Does anyone out there have any useful information on the range? Let me know if so.”

Check back for updates and Chad’s report when he gets back!

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