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Post-Weekend Climbing News: Harlin’s Swiss Interruption

Posted on: July 6th, 2010 by Erik Lambert

“I had an accident and am returning home.”

As everyone gets back to work after a holiday and starts wading through email, there are always a few that stand out and grab attention. This morning one of those few was from John Harlin, who to all of my knowledge was in Switzerland on an attempt to hike, climb and paddle around its borders. John, who edits the beloved American Alpine Journal (check out latest stories posted online here), took a 50-60 foot fall and ended up breaking several bones in his foot. He’s on his way home now to recuperate, but still plans to finish the trip partially in September and then fully next summer.

The evac was captured on video (above), which John sent over, and the rest of the site around his whole trip (live updates and photos) is pretty sweet as well, so check it out if you get a chance. You’ll find Google Earth tracking of his endeavor, the progress, daily updates/images, and even play-by-play of the fall and rescue (videos included). Here’s the link: Be sure to check out all the tabs for all the information on John and the entire project, which he calls “Border Stories.”

Get well, John, and we’ll be excited to track progress again once you’re back on Swiss ground.

A few additions: you can follow the Border Stories project on Facebook and Twitter, and follow John’s live updates when he’s up and running again.