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Climbs and Climbers to Follow – Weds 7/7/10

Posted on: July 7th, 2010 by Erik Lambert

Just about every day I stumble upon a new climbing blog or expedition report, or some other venue online where climbers are doing major things and reporting in on their progress. Many of the ones that come through the AAC office are from grant winners,  attempting big routes with AAC funding, but many others are from ordinary teams of climbers pursuing dream grabs, pushing the standards of climbing ever higher, and often using their trips toward humanitarian or environmental goals.

Basically, it’s time to start spreading these around, so that we can track and support fellow climbers and get excited about and inspired by what they’re doing. Today is the kickoff of what I hope is a regular thing– a weekly roundup of a few selected climber/trip blogs worth reading. Have one, or know one worth sharing? Let me know here.

For this week, two that will set the bar high:


Madaleine Sorkin, Emily Stifler and Lorna Illingworth received a Copp-Dash Inspire Award to attempt a free climb of the entire Original Route (VI 5.9+ A3) on the Southeast face of Mount Proboscis. This 2000′ wall is in the Cirque of the Unclimbables, Logan Mountains, Canada. The girls also received funding from a Lyman-Spitzer Grant for this trip, on which they’ll be taking off in a few weeks. Check out their blog for the full trip plans, tracking of their training progress, a sweet vid of the team training on El Cap, and Madaleine’s main man/van, Dudley.

Ladies of Lurking Fear from Emily Stifler on Vimeo.


Four Sisters Productions will start shooting Elevation, a feature-length documentary in the Sichuan Province of China this fall. The film will feature Lyman-Spitzer Grant winners Dylan Johnson and Josh Wharton, along with world-class climbers Chad Kellogg, Jesse Huey and Toby Grohne, as they attempt a first ascent in the Four Sisters region. Elevation was inspired by Dylan and Chad Kellogg’s 2008 climb of Mt. Siguniang, an epic climb riddled with loss, survival and the care of the Ma family in Rilong. This fall, the team of climbers will travel to China to begin the Elevation Project, which “connects storytelling, education, and community support to elevate communities on a global scale.” Follow their blog for updates on the project including the documentary, school and training for the climbers.

Tents in front of peak in China

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