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Steve House Thanks Global Rescue

Posted on: June 18th, 2010 by Erik Lambert

Recently, Steve House submitted a letter of thanks to Global Rescue after his fall off of Mt. Temple this past Spring. With GR’s permission, we wanted to reprint it for you here. The Global Rescue service is one of the important benefits our pooled dues help support, and it brings climbers like Steve safely home after a fall. More details on GR here.

Steve House“After my eighty foot fall high on the north face of Mount Temple in Banff National park my partner dialed 911. Two hours later Parks Canada wardens executed the brave long-line rescue which undoubtedly saved my life. I was in a major trauma hospital in Calgary just hours after my fall.

On my second morning in the critical care ward at Calgary’s Foothills Medical Center we called Global Rescue and that same night a Global Rescue paramedic arrived and immediately began helping us make sense of the complicated diagnosis of my extensive injuries: two pelvic fractures, seven fractured vertebrae, nine fractured ribs (3 were pulverized) and a collapsed lung. I was reliant on the Global Rescue medic’s help, as I could do little clear thinking with all the pain and exhaustion that comes with such injuries.

As my healing progressed, Global Rescue’s medic was already thinking ahead, working out the best way to get me home to Oregon. The simple solution would be for me to stay in Calgary until I was able to walk out of the hospital, but that would force me to make a very long, and very painful car-ride home. Recognizing this Global Rescue arranged a medically equipped lear jet staffed by a paramedic and a flight nurse. At noon on my seventh day in the hospital, Global Rescue had worked out the intra-hospital paperwork and I was wheeled out to the waiting jet. Two quick hours later I was in my home hospital in Oregon, where my parents, friends, and the rest of my family awaited me. After a comfortable four more days in the hospital I hobbled out with my walker, largely under my own power.

Global Rescue not only got me home as efficiently as possible, they repeatedly made the best decisions for me as a patient. For that I am forever grateful.”

Steve House

3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the info and letter Steve. I am interested to hear something about the process, i.e. how things moved forward in such a way that Global Rescue became informed of your situation and began helping out. Important stuff to know!

  2. Larry in Seattle says:

    Steve, being about 1 year after a fall in the Swiss Alps with what seems a somewhat similar range of injuries (many ribs, flail chest, knee, shoulder, various other bones and organs), I might help predict your recovery rate, and how long some symptoms last. A friend referred me to a web site that might be of help.

    And, I agree – Global Rescue worked well – in coordination with Swiss resuce services.
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery

  3. ben says:

    So thats all great, I just want to make sure thanks is given to those who really deserve some recognition. That is the Parks Canada rescue personnel that wisped you off Temple. Those guys conducted a risky rescue operation and at what cost? 20$.I think the helicopter time alone is in the thousands of dollars.
    Best Wishes