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June 5 Rescue Class Recap

Posted on: June 14th, 2010 by Southern Appalachian Section

Photo of free rescue class at Looking GlassThe AAC Rescue course kicked of in the morning at Fox Mountain Guides main office with full cups of coffee, a smorgasbord for lunch and a lot of friendly chatter. 14 AAC members and one non-AAC’er (we forced him to sign up) showed up! We got right to work in the downstairs classroom and went over many of the tools essential to rescue. After reviewing and mastering these we packed lunch and headed out to the Southside of Looking Glass. Here we focused on single pitch rescue and knot passes. A few hours later it was evident by the smoking brains that we needed a climbing break! We all took on a multi-pitch climb and just as most of us were getting near the top the deluge of rain started. We all descended; only one bail stopper sacrificed! We then headed to eat Mexican and trade stories. All in all a wonderful day with great learning, climbing, and camaraderie. Thanks to all who participated!!!

-Kartsen Delap, AMGA Certified Rock Guide, Fox Mountain Guides and Climbing School

Learning rope skills at Fox Mountain GuidesSome members’ comments afterwards:

“Dynamic training session, balanced mix of technical and practical exercises. The techniques were very applicable to alpine as well as the local environment.” -Joe Brown

“It was the first time I’ve looked at some of my 35 year old habits in about 35 years.” – Mike Dawson

“Thanks again for a great session on Saturday. Now that I’ve had some time to process, I realize how much I learned and refreshed” -Atticus Simpson

Photos courtesy of Karsten Delap.


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