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From the Archives: Clayton Laramie’s Cochamo Chile Notebook

Posted on: June 8th, 2010 by AAC Library

In July 2009, Clayton Laramie gave a presentation at the Mountaineering Museum’s sPeaker Series about his expedition to Cochamo, Chile.  Clayton and friends  set off to establish a new route at El Monstruo but circumstances led them to the Cirque of La Paloma, on Pared de las Profetas, the first route to complete the wall to the summit.

The route is called Otro Dia Orto Largo (Another Day Another Pitch) in honor of the time spent and hard work required to establish this line.  The route took them 5 days of effort over 2+ weeks (lots of rain) and an epic decent on summit day through waterfalls and vertical rivers.

After the presentation, Clayton donated his notebook, full of great information, to the AAC archives.   We love this sort of thing- AAC members adding their unique beta to the collective for the benefit of other members, and it’s how we’ve managed to put together an amazing library and archive over the past 100+ years.  If you’ve got a notebook, sketchbook, home movie – let us know!

Clayton Laramie Cochamo Chile Notebook 2009


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