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June 8 Book Club: Escape from Lucania – 6:30-8

Posted on: May 19th, 2010 by AAC Library

June’s book club selection is David Roberts’ Escape from Lucania.

Book Club Leader Vern Bass writes in:

An Expedition to climb Mt. Lucania in the Saint Elias mountain range – at
the time the highest unclimbed North American peak by two friends from the
Harvard Mountaineering Club – Brad Washburn & Bob Bates.  They are
immediately faced with a serious dilemma when their pilot, who lands them at
an unexpectedly slushy base of the mountain is unable to return to pick
them.  They must travel more than 100 miles on foot to the nearest town.
Roberts, a longtime chronicler of adventure and exploration, details the
true story behind one of the earliest and most remarkable expeditions of the
20th century.

Another great AAC Book Club meeting – THANK YOU ALL – we had multiple editions of HERMAN BUHL’s historic 1st ascent of Nanga Parbat and were again treated to a rare movie from the expedition. While the film was in German it was amazing to see the old footage – and some incredible avalanches! Again Thanks Rich!!! Regretfully we broke with tradition last evening as no-one remembered to bring the Beer – we will make sure that does not happen again!

There was some discussion about the vintage of the books chosen for our
meetings and how they may be effecting overall participation? More current
or recent books might increase attendance – this will definitely be a
consideration in choosing future books. It was also decided that traffic
considerations dictate future meetings will be at 6:30PM.

Hope to see you all there – Don’t forget the beer!

Vernon E. Bass, CFP / Vern….

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