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AAC SW Section Malibu Day

Posted on: April 23rd, 2010 by Southwest Section

The day started with six climbers meeting at Malibu Creek State Park to set a target. With the lovely Mary Tomkins’ guidance, we set out for Power Wall. This involves climbing past a dam and a little boulder-hopping down a pretty gorge, and was quite worthwhile since the Wall sits right above the stream with a variety of climbs and a diversity of pocketed terrain, with some overhanging bits. Other climbers were already on the Wall, but were happy to share the routes. We did some enjoyable sport climbing, sharing the camaraderie and lovely setting, and eventually were joined by another AAC member.

The hike in and the hike out were almost as enjoyable as the climbing, it being a perfect spring day with green hills and plenty of wildflowers. During the climbing and on the hike out we discussed a variety of possible future activities and came up with some good prospects for the next few months. These prospects include a few evening events with hopefully some keynote speakers/mountaineers and trad events at Joshua Tree and Idyllwild. Stay tuned for updates.

After the climbing most of us adjourned to Ted Vaill’s house for a pot luck dinner. The group enjoyed good food, more camaraderie, and to finish the day some of Ted’s interesting videos of Tibet and trekking to Everest through Nepal, as well as political discussions which arose when we learned that Ted had served that day as a representative to the California Democratic Convention. Among the dozen at Ted’s there were more intriguing ideas for activities, so the section should see some real action this year.

Thanks to Ted Vaill for hosting us and to Mary Tomkins for her excellent help.

**If you have suggestions for section events or would like to help with events, please contact me: jlucke-at-cmc-dot-edu.

Jim Pinter-Lucke, Chair

Photos courtesy of Jim Pinter-Lucke


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