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Tien Shan Glaciers Project

Posted on: March 26th, 2010 by AAC Library

A lot of different kinds of research happens in the AAC Library:  short trips and expeditions, historic research to support books and articles, school projects,  graduate studies…we get all kinds of requests for information and do our best to help.

Recently, volunteer Adam McFarren has been working to find resources in the library to help an AAC grant winner. You can read more about the AAC Nikwax grant here.   Her project is described in her own words below:

The Tien Shan Glaciers Project is the blog of AAC member Ann Piersall, a Montana native spending the year in Kyrgyzstan.  Supported by a U.S. Fulbright Grant, an AAC Research Grant, and a Nikwax Bellwether Grant she is combining alpine pursuits and scientific research that highlights glaciation and mountain culture in the Tien Shan. Ann’s main project is an interdisciplinary evaluation of glacial retreat in the At-Bashy Range.  This project combines local physical data on climate change, exploratory mountaineering objectives, and a social analysis of climate change knowledge among the semi-nomadic Kyrgyz livestock herders utilizing the range’s high mountain pastures.  You can read about Ann’s research, her skiing and mountaineering objectives, life in Central Asia, and her collaborations with other projects at

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