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Sunburns and Slacklining at the Red Rock Rendezvous

Posted on: March 26th, 2010 by Erik Lambert

Another satisfied AAC member, stoked about his new flask. Photo courtesy of Katie Brown.

Our trip to the Red Rock Rendezvous began on the tarmac at DIA. And stayed there, for quite some time. Heavy winds closed down the Las Vegas airport, and we waited, and waited, and waited, for it to open. Sascha curled up on the fold-out table, and I scrunched down into the seat, propping my feet high on the bulkhead wall, while the man in the seat next to us stared as though we were some kind of contortionists. But no, just very small, tired people.

"What, they come empty?" Never a dull moment at the AAC booth. Photo courtesy of Katie Brown.

Just a few hours after our arrival to Vegas, we found ourselves at the Red Rock Rendezvous venue, setting up the American Alpine booth. We watched noses turn pinker by the second while yogaslackers and slackliners played in the field and participants drifted by us, buying or renewing memberships and receiving flasks to fill for later that night. The evening hosted auctions, slideshows, and later a DJ, his space saucer booth straight out of burning man.

Eric Odenthal, who put his AAC membership rescue insurance to good use on the Grand Teton last year, enjoying some slacklining in the sun. Photo courtesy of Katie Brown.

The next morning dawned with clinics taught by America and Canada’s finest climbers, followed by a burrito dinner and more slideshows. If clinics weren’t your style, there were plenty of daytime activities to keep you entertained. Vendor booths, (including ours, the AAC)!! surrounded the field, and we had a great view of the festivities from ours.

Evenings at the RRR are always entertaining, whether from clinic stories by passerby of the AAC booth, or the antics of fellow climbers who’ve had one too many from the Fat Tire booth. And of course, the RRR wouldn’t be complete without rounding out the night with karaoke at the Bonnie Springs Bar.

On Sunday morning, there were more than a few lounging and napping in the grass after a long night, while the truly motivated soldiered on to their 8 am clinic start. We had the immense responsibility of once again manning the AAC booth, giving out stickers, brochures, selling memberships, and educating. Yes, it’s a hard life, talking about the benefits of the AAC, in the sun, in Red Rocks, while enjoying a bratwurst lunch. Next year maybe you should sign up and come visit us. We’ll be there, bratwurst in hand, getting sunburnt.

-Katie Brown

Thanks Katie and Sascha, for manning the booth and spreading the word!

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