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Photo Inspiration and a First Ascent in Nepal

Posted on: March 25th, 2010 by Erik Lambert

Takargo (6,771m) from the East. Photo by Joe Puryear.

Today we’re pointing you over to the blog of members Joe Puryear and David Gottlieb. Past Lyman Spitzer Grant recipients, Joe and David are currently in Nepal and putting up some incredible routes. The best part? Their reports have the kind of photos that make it hard to be sitting in an office on a Thursday morning.

Most recently, Joe and David completed the first ascent peak ascent of Takargo, in the Rolwaling Himal of Nepal, via the east face. It was “one of the last major unclimbed peaks in the Rolwaling Himal and commands a unique location as being the highest peak in a sub-range of mountains nearly completely surrounded by the Trakarding, Drolamba, and Ripimo Shar Glaciers.”

The first ascent route of Takargo. Photo by Joe Puryear.

If you get a chance today, join us in celebrating the efforts of fellow members and read the full (and photo rich) story of their ascent here: Congrats, Joe and David!

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