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Jonny Copp’s “Border Country” Made into Song – Listen Here

Posted on: March 3rd, 2010 by Erik Lambert

Jonny Copp

Jonny Copp. Photo courtesy of The Jonny Copp Foundation.

Hello Everyone,

We are so excited and honored to announce that the Paper Stars have finished recording “Border Country”. Jonny’s last journal entry in China was made in to a song by an amazing musician, Tres Altman. All of the proceeds from the song will benefit The Jonny Copp Foundation. Thank you Tres, we love you. Please pass the link on to anyone you think may enjoy the song. We appreciate your support.

Sincerely, The Copp Family

Here are a few words about Jonny and the song from Tres Altman:

“One cannot say enough about the legend of Jonny Copp. He was and is one of the great spirits of our time. A true friend, an adventurer, poet, musician, climber, philosopher, a pioneer in every way. He is missed daily by those who knew and loved him. It has been an honor for me to put music to the final words written in his journal. The intuitive precision of his soul, the unflinching courage to do what had to be done, to face into his dream, into the mountain that would claim his body, into the depth of the life he worked daily to create. I did not change one word of his self-titled and final poem “Border Country”, I only repeated certain lines for emphasis. I hope you will take in the magnitude of this collaboration and feel in it the respect and admiration I had and will always have for my (OUR) dearly departed friend. He is with us in spirit…always and forever.”

If you click on the link above it will lead you to the Paper Stars Album. Click “Preview all Songs” to hear a sample of the song “Border Country” by Tres Altman.

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