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February 9 Book Club: Forever on the Mountain, James Tabor

Posted on: January 25th, 2010 by AAC Library

Forever on the Mountain: The truth behind one of mountaineering’s most controversial and mysterious disasters.

Book club member, travel writer and Mountaineering Museum gift shop manager Martha Perantoni sends in the following description:

“Tabor’s exhaustive look at the doomed 1967 expedition to scale Alaska’s Mt. McKinley is an often gripping detailed account of the infamous climb that remains controversial.  Only five of the 12-man team survived the ascent to the 20,320-foot summit, making it one of the deadliest mountaineering disasters in North America.”

Book  Club meets from 6-7:30pm in the American Mountaineering Center, 10th and Washington, Golden, Colorado.  Stop by the library to find out which room, and check out our sale books!

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Also, here’s what Book Club facilitator Jim Moss has to say about the upcoming books:

February 9: Forever on the Mountain by James M. Tabor
an exhilarating story about a Denali climb in
the 60′s resulting in a seven fatalities.  The book won the Banff Book
Festival and 2007 NOBA award for History/Biography.  Two other books were
written about the expedition early, one by both of the expedition leaders.  Joe Wilcox, one of the leaders of the expedition wrote his account in 1981 WHITE WINDS: AMERICA’S MOST TRAGIC MOUNTAINEERING EXPEDITION. The other expedition leader Howard Snyder wrote his account of what happened in 1973 THE HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING. All three books are written so differently that it is hard to tell the stories are from the same disaster.

March 9: Beyond the Mountain by Steve HouseSee Patagonia’s page too.
This is getting great reviews and Steve might join us by phone – it’s in the works!

April 13: K2, the Savage Mountain
by Charlie Houston and Bob Bates. This is one of the all time great mountaineering stories. This is a must read for anyone in the mountaineering community.

Also for those of you who missed Mark Obmascik Halfway to Heaven it was another great night. Besides beer and mixed nuts!!! Mark gave a great presentation, when we finally let him. The book club of course jumped all over this great story of climbing, growing, meeting new people and raising a family. We also got to meet one of the real life people that Mark wrote about in his book. If you have not read Halfway to Heaven it is a great story and it is very well written.   I also love his previous book the Big Year, a story about three birders attempting to set a record in seeing the most birds in one year. Hard to believe that a book about birding could be exiting, but it is.!  Thanks Mark! (Mark was so impressed (?) with us that he joined the book club!)