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New Himalayan Database Update

Posted on: December 10th, 2009 by AAC Library

The Spring 2009 Update to the Himalayan Database has now been posted on the Himalayan Database web site at

The update adds new records for expeditions in the Spring/Summer 2009 climbing seasons and provides corrections and additions to the records for the previous seasons from 1905-2008.

The update package includes:

Spring 2009 update file for Himalayan Database

The updates are free, but are not readable as stand-alone documents without an existing database. You must have a copy of the Himalayan Database installed on your computer to apply and view the update.

The complete instructions for updating the Himalayan Database are given in Appendix E of the Himalayan Database Program Guide that came with the original Himalayan Database CD. A brief summary of these instructions are given in the Update Readme file posted on the web site.

All 2004 through 2008 updates should be applied to the original Himalayan Database before this update is applied. If you have not applied these earlier updates, you may apply instead the Combined 2004-2008 update to the original Himalayan Database before applying the Spring 2009 update.

The update for the Autumn/Winter 2009 climbing seasons will be posted in May 2010.

In addition to the Spring 2009 Update, the summit and death lists for the Spring/Summer 2009 seasons have been posted on the web site.

Note the Spring 2009 Update will update over 20,000 member records. Many member records have been modified for the years since 1990 to include member high points, dates and oxygen use for those who did not attain the expedition high point; and many Sherpa records have been added for those who did not summit, but accompanied summit bidders.

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