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Frank Nederhand: Superstar Member In The Deep South Section

Posted on: November 20th, 2009 by Luke Bauer

Chad Hagan, Section Chair for the Deep South Section, wants to call your attention to the accomplishments of Frank Nederhand, AAC member in Atlanta since 1999. Frank started climbing around 5 years old while growing up in Utah, and got started technical climbing in college at 22. His list of accomplishments is impressive, and he also just returned from a environmental research trip in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru. Read Chad’s interview with him below. [Ed. Check out Frank’s new project in the Cordillera Blanca, planned for summer 2011.]

CH: When did you start climbing mountains?

FN: Probably 4 or 5 while growing up in Utah.  Started technical climbing in college (at the ripe old age of 22) in the 70’s.   Took a break while starting a career in engineering and raising a family.  When my 4 kids got a little older I started taking them on climbing trips, camping, backpacking and hiking.

CH: And your current profession?

FN: Currently I am an environmental engineer regulating air quality for the State of Georgia.  I have fun climbing up smoke stacks as part of my work auditing emissions monitors.

CH: What are your most memorable or important mountain climbs?

i. Gannett Peak in Wyoming with daughter (1995).
ii. Mt. Athabasca in Alberta, Canada with daughter (1999).
iii. Mount Assiniboine in Alberta, Canada (2001)
iv. North Arête of the Sharks Tooth in Colorado with son (2003).
v. North-East ridge of Bugaboo Spire in British Columbia, Canada (2007)
vi. The “Hockey Stick” route up Lomniki Spit, in the High Tatry Mountains of Slovakia / Poland (2007).
vii. Aconcagua, Argentina (2007-2008).
viii. Pisco, Cordillera Blanca, Peru (2009).

CH: What about current and future climbing?

FN: In my own back yard I love climbing at T-Wall near Chattanooga, TN and in Linville Gorge, North Carolina.  I hope to return to Peru and do a follow-up study and climb in new areas I have not been to.  I would like to climb, Copa, Artesonraju, Chopicalqui, The Es-Finge and Alpamyo for starters.


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