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Recycling Fuel Canisters in Patagonia

Posted on: October 7th, 2009 by admin


The AAC is teaming up with Erratic Rock, Leave No Trace, MSR, and Outdoor Research on a great new initiative to recycle fuel canisters in Chilean Patagonia. The program will be headquartered at Erratic Rock: the Puerto Natales–based hostel, guide service, and all-around base camp for climbers and trekkers in the Torres del Paine.

Tens of thousands of steel fuel canisters are used in Patagonia each season, and most of them end up in the trash. However, the steel can easily be recycled if the canisters are collected, punctured, and crushed.

The AAC is helping to pay for 1,000 posters that will be distributed throughout Patagonia to promote this effort. The organizers hope this initiative may serve as a model for similar recycling efforts in other climbing areas.

This is the second big conservation effort the AAC has helped launch recently in Patagonia. The club is also a cosponsor of the Los Glaciares Trails Project in Argentina. Click here for more info.