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Bill Moyers Airs Charlie Houston Tribute

Posted on: October 25th, 2009 by admin

On October 9, PBS host Bill Moyers aired a tribute to his friend Dr. Charles Houston, who died September 27 at age 96. Moyers replayed an interview with Houston from 2004, filled with historical images and footage, and you can play the clip, read a good biography of Houston, and find other tidbits at the Bill Moyers Journal website.  We liked this passage, when Moyers asked Houston what drew him to climbing: “It’s a beautiful thing to do. You’re surrounded by beauty. No matter whether it’s a storm, or a sunny day, or clouds, or not, the mountains are simply beautiful. I’ve never been a great climber. I’m just a competent climber, and I know my limits. But I love getting out and doing it.”

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