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What our volunteers are doing this week

Posted on: July 27th, 2009 by AAC Library

The AAC library could not function without the dedicated work of our volunteers and part-time staff.  There is a lot going on in here every day, and while Gary and I have a hand in each of these projects, we rely on the generosity and effort of these folks who show up every week (when they are not adventuring somewhere!).  Thank you for giving us the gift of your time.  You are incredibly special people.

Three new volunteers joined the team this week:

  • Bob Sorgenfrei, a retired librarian from Colorado School of Mines, is applying his expertise with rare books to help us get ready for some on-line and in-house book sales.  He is building on the mountaineering book appraisal work of Bob Ader, long-time and dedicated AAC member and volunteer.  Book sales fund the library, and we’ve got a LOT of books to sell!
  • Matt Harding, a very experienced project manager and long-lost AAC member, has broken the secrets of a very complex list of the Central Asia Library and is busy transferring it to spreadsheet form. This will allow you to see what is in this amazing collection as soon as we get it online.  It could be a while, and much work remains to be done.
  • CU Boulder Economics student Brenden McDonald hadn’t heard of the AAC till last week, and now he has committed to helping us get the Central Asia Library books onto the shelves, and to getting the word out about the AAC to his climbing friends.  The more climbers in the library, the better a resource it is as a club!

Long-standing volunteers have been continuing with their projects, and starting new ones:

  • Maryanne Brush marked her one year anniversary volunteering at the AAC Library.  Maryanne has brought her organizational and puzzle-solving skills from Jefferson County Libraries to us, helping to figure out the best ways to process the CMC’s summit registers, how to get the 30,000 books of the Central Asia Library onto the shelves efficiently, and how to organize 100 years of archival documents.
  • Pat Wallace has volunteered here since the library was moved to Golden in 1993.  She single-handedly manages the serial publications, checking in new magazines every week and sending them out for binding.  Pat is also nearly finished scanning 1500 color slides from the Harish Kapadia collection.  She’s on an east coast road trip to see family for the next month, but I’m sure we’ll see her when she gets back!
  • Many of you have probably talked with Adam McFarren.  He’s the guy that digs for the answers to your reference questions, in between his weekend trips to Colorado peaks.  He’s in the Wind River Range right now, but will be back soon too.  I hope so, because he shelves the books when you send them back to us, and there’s a lot of them!
  • Tom Halicki is recovering from a shoulder injury no doubt incurred on Long’s, but when he’s here, he’s either busy checking in the first batch of 5,000 Central Asia books, or he’s using his DC policy experience to offer improvements to our grant submissions.
  • Jim Moss, Elizabeth Feary and Sherry Richardson have been bending over backwards to make the book club an interesting place to be, with special guests and unique opportunities. Don’t forget to come to the one on August 11th!
  • Noah McKelvin and Barbara Blum hold down the desk on Saturdays so that Gary and I can have a weekend, and Bill Jackson is here most Friday afternoons.  Noah’s dream is to graduate high school and hit the road as a climber, and he is well on his way to reading every book in the library.  Barbara is a recent library school grad who has been helping to catalog new books.   When not trying to teach us our knots, Bill mans the desk and culls the most recent climbing mags for new books and dvds to order, or helps us move archive boxes from one place to another, and sometimes back again.  Adam Burris has proved himself a high school student of many talents – he’s the one who mails your books to you, but he is also transfers cassette taped interviews to mp3s and gets our mp4s onto the internet archive, enters data into spreadsheets and effectively does what needs doing.
  • Thanks also to the volunteers that show up when they can, like Lee SmithKristy Edwards and Erin Peach and the ones who do onetime projects, like Joe Brown of the Colorado Environmental Film Festival.

Again – we are so lucky to have all of you!

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