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The AAC to Honor Jeff Lowe

Posted on: July 15th, 2009 by guest

jeff-loweHonorary Membership in the AAC is not merely about climbing achievement. Jeff Lowe has already received the AAC’s Underhill Award which celebrates lifetime climbing achievement. It is fair to say that his climbing resume is probably unparalleled in American climbing history. Most informed people are aware of Latok I, Shipton Spire and his hundreds of superb rock routes. No need to dwell on that record here.

Honorary Membership in the AAC is also about vision and service to the climbing community. After the Chouinard revolution in ice climbing, Jeff’s vision brought it to another level. He is one of the fathers of modern mixed climbing. Innovative techniques, tools and clothing were brought to the worldwide community through books and videos.

This Sunday in Ogden, Utah the AAC will celebrate Jeff Lowe’s achievements, vision and service to the worldwide community with Honorary Membership.

Jim McCarthy

Notes from AAC staff:

1) Rock & Ice has a great write up on Jeff’s accomplishments.

2) The list of AAC honorary members can be found here.

3) The AAC library has tons of stuff on Jeff, itemized here.

4) If you are interested in attending this Sunday, email <devakiananda at mac dot com>.

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