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Taking the No out of Noshaq

Posted on: July 1st, 2009 by admin

The Afgan Climbers on NoShaq

Noshaq, the highest peak of Afghanistan (7,492 meters; 24,580 feet), has never been climbed by any Afghan citizen…but that may soon change. Four Afghan climbers originating from the Wakhan valley joined a mountaineering course in the Alps last month, and are now poised to climb Noshaq. Their goal is to send a message of hope and peace to the Afghan and international communities and contribute to the rebirth of mountaineering tourism in the province of Wakhan– it represents one of the only hopes of development for a population with very low subsistence.

As they prepare for the ascent, climber Khoda Hafiz had this to say, “The weather is cloudy. The forecast announces difficult conditions, with snow starting at 13,000 feet, which is quite unusual in this season according to the ancient.  But we are motivated and well equipped! We will try to post some short news on our website ( to keep you updated.”

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