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An interesting volunteer opportunity on Easter Island

Posted on: May 7th, 2009 by AAC Library

We get newsletters and climbing journals from all over the world here at the AAC.   They’re not available for checkout because they are hard to replace, but they are a great resource.   The recent Expedition News has this blurb:

“Easter Island Cave Project Seeks Volunteers – The Cultural and Natural History of Rapa Nui Caves Project seeks volunteers from June 24 through July 19. The caves are located on Easter Island, called Rapanui by the natives, at the southeastern end of the Polynesian Triangle, with Hawaii at the top and New Zealand at the southwest. Team members must be physically fit, not claustrophobic, and own both their own caving equipment and vertical gear. Individuals with experience in caving, rock climbing and/or mountaineering are preferred. They also must be First Aid/CPR certified and must have passed a physical within the last year.  Participants are responsible for airfare from the U.S. to Easter Island, hotel accommodations, and other costs. (For more information: Jut Wynne, [email protected]).”

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