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First AAC Library Book Sale Was A Success!

Posted on: February 23rd, 2009 by AAC Library

Our board members peruse the book sale

Originally uploaded by American Alpine Club Library

Thanks to everyone who showed up to make the AAC Annual Meeting library book sale a fun and profitable event! Not only did collectors find interesting things for their libraries, but they had an opportunity to hang out and talk with authors and climbers who stopped by! Maria Coffey, winner of this year’s AAC Literary Award also put in an appearance.

Part-time staff members and volunteers Bob Ader, Adam Burris, MaryAnne Brush, Bill Jackson, Noah McKelvin and Sam Palsmeier all put in hours to make this happen and we thank them for doing such a great job.

This was the first in a series, so check back to the book sale page on the blog for future dates and information. We will offer about 100-200 books each time, with prices ranging between $20 to $500.

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