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Clinch Library Construction – Day 3

Posted on: August 19th, 2008 by AAC Library

The last walls are down and we can now see how big the new space will be. Actually, that’s not much debris, considering what was going on in here the last few days:

You can see the new walls on the right-hand side of the next photo. That used to open up into the library’s front desk area:

The placement of the new wall was a little tricky. We needed to maximize the space needed for the seven 32′ mobile shelving carriages, but without compromising the architectural features in the library’s front entrance area. It looks a little funny right now, but the new wall will be blended into its surroundings. The lighting will be adjusted and the new wall will work great for book displays and new artwork:

The new space will be climate controlled due to the nature of the incoming collection. The gents from Majestic Air are here today to begin working on that.

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