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Clinch Library Construction – Day 2

Posted on: August 18th, 2008 by AAC Library

Houston, we have a room! It didn’t take long for Tim and his crew to demo old walls and throw up a new one. Even our Preservation Librarian, Beth Heller, had an opportunity to take a spin with the SawzAll:

Fortunately, we had the help of Bill (pictured below in the red shirt) and Mike to help us move everything out of the four rooms that the Clinch Library will soon occupy. It took us four long, exhausting days, but we got it done. We also took the opportunity to completely reorganize the library’s entire collection of archives and artwork. The library’s storage areas have never looked so good in the fifteen years the library has been in Colorado.

This last pic was taken just before the final walls came down:

More tomorrow…

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